A Bit of Trivia

We all know of the many families have given us multiple members… some over several generations. Names  like Luthman, Iliff, Hanum, Woods, Poust, Weber and many others.

But what is truly unusual is the fact that 6 Presidents were from only 2 families. Can anyone remember them ?    GRAY & DOLAN

Dr Whifield gray        33-34
Dr John Gray             44-45
Dr Bill Gray               65-66

William Dolan           27/28
Lewis Dolan Sr          29/30
Lewis Dolan Jr           76/77

Question: What Newton Rotarian lived in R I ?

Carl Smith CEO of Darlington Fabrics who had a plant in Newton as well as several in Rhode Island This was approx. 1989

1987 Lunch Meal Choices – Apparently when we were on a “health kick”

1)   The usual hot meal

2)    Low risk meal  – fish/fowl

3)   Low risk sandwich – turkey or tuna

4)   Fruit salad

Who was the speaker that arrived by helicopter?

12/14/88 Speaker Major General Francis Gerard WW2 pilot ace – Commander of NJ Nat Guard arrived by helicopter

1985 Meeting Stats

2,651 attendees     ( 50/week) about what we have now

Plus 501 makeups

Our overall attendance rate was 82%